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 Maxtoke Priory nr Fillongley Warwickshire


It was wonderful to have been offered an opportunity to be able to run a full day workshop at Maxtoke Priory. Penny Tyacke has made her home and garden available for the outdoor work and her tack room if we need to work indoors.

This was extremely succuessful as the weather was good and we worked on two subjects.

In the morning we warmed up by painting a leaded glass window set between weathered wooden beams and herring bone brick work.

For the afternoon session we drew the ruins of the priory focusing on drawing the arches correctly and mixing the correct greens for the time of year.




This days workshop is ideal for anyone wishing to improve their painting skills or who

would just like to enjoy a day painting

"al fresco" with other like minded people

in your chosen medium.

You will be required to bring all your own painting equipment  for the day.

(See below for more detailed equipment advice)

To book your place on the workshop contact Claire Botterill on  mob 07760 357733

or e-mail:

or use contact form

Your place will be guaranteed when I have received your full payment.

There will be a restriction on numbers attending of up to 20 people and bookings taken on a "first come, first served" basis.

Don't miss out book your place now !

Art tools

(This is just a suggested list of things you may need to bring)


Water pot / jar


Pencils / crayons



Paper or canvases

Masking fluid

Masking tape

Kitchen roll


View finder  (picture mount)

Backing support board if painting on paper

Artists easel (if you use one)

Personal requirements

Please remember folks that when you are painting outside

 for a long period of time in good weather, the sun can easily

burn you (even when it's not out) and so it is best to dress

 covering arms, shoulders and head / neck area.


Suntan lotion

Foldable chair






Umbrella !






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